Children make wishes.

Do you have a dream, a desire, a need, a compulsion?

If your dream is to become a professional writer or if your desire is to read the travel writing of Michael Keever, founder of Terminal Tours and Instructor of Communications at Queen City College, please click here.

If you are alone and in failing health, if your mobility is challenged, or if you have one last place you must go, Terminal Tours offers you the way to live your dream. You tell us where you want to travel, and we make all the arrangements for your personal tour. We accompany you, assist you in every way necessary, and return you home with your desire fulfilled. If you have special needs, we arrange for medical assistance, handicap transportation, and personalized diets. If you are compelled by circumstances to travel immediately, we offer ambulance service from and to your residence.

Let us make the life story that you’ve imagined come true. Just decide where you wish to seize the day, and we will write your ticket.

Tour for the cure?

Read how one of our terminally ill clients recovered her health while traveling with us. Click here or on "Alice."

We have escorted people like you all over the world.  Our pilgrims have traveled to Lourdes, the Parthenon, Graceland, and other religious sites. But we also assist people who want to return to a childhood home or visit a long-lost family member or personally deliver a gift here in the United States. We can drive you in a van, take you on a train, book passage on a ship, help you into a plane, hook you up to bungee cords--however you want to travel, near or far.

Can’t go on?

Read how one of our clients wished to end her life but found new reason to live on her tour. Click here or on "Lucille."  To read other accounts, click on "stories" below or click on images for the stories behind the photos.

For recommendations from pilgrims who have traveled with us to places as diverse as Athens, Berlin, Miami, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and other tour destinations, click here or on "testimonials" below.

Our name, Terminal Tours, was suggested by a dying friend of the founder, Michael Keever. We have kept the name as a memorial to that friend, the first tour-taker. To learn more about Michael, click here or on "bio" below.  To find out how our service began, click here or on "Passing On" below.  There you can read the first chapter of Michael's book, which describes the origin and recent activities of Terminal Tours. You should know that while we do help final wishes come true, we also escort anyone who needs our undivided personal attention. You are assured complete privacy and confidentiality. We are an equal opportunity service and solace provider. Although Michael is temporarily on leave, Terminal Tours goes on and on and on with his wife, Ann Logan. For Ann’s biography, please click here.

Life After Death?

To read answers to this most frequently asked question, click here or on "FAQs" below.

Wondering how you will be remembered?

We give you free space on this web site for personal statements and life narratives. When you return from your tour, you can post your story for friends and family to read. Even if your tour has been short or close to home, your story will spread across the world wide web, living on and on in the online universe. Please click here or on "stories" below.

Time passes on and away. Don’t delay. Write today. For the tour of your life, please contact us at If you place “Terminal Tours” in your subject line, we will immediately send you further information about us. Before writing, though, please be sure to read our disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

For news about Terminal Tours and for new postings to this site, please click here or on "news" below. For questions about or comments on this site, please place "Feedback" in your subject line and write us at

Losing hope?

Remember Emily Dickinson: “Hope is the thing with feathers.” But that elusive bird could be far away, at the end of a journey or a pilgrimage or a tour. Take your first step now, and we will put that bird in your hand.


Disclaimer: Please note that this web site appears in and extends the fiction of Tom LeClair's Passing On, published by Greekworks in 2004 and Passing Through, published by Drinian in 2008. Click here for the Greekworks home page and purchase information. Click here for the Drinian home page and purchase information.

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